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What does 5-Free mean?
5-Free means our nail polish does not contain the following chemicals commonly found in nail polish: Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

Do you offer minis?
6.5ml minis are offered during each new collection's pre-sale period. After this, they are no longer available.

What size are your polishes?
Our full size polish is 12ml, while the mini is 6.5ml. Both come in square glass bottles. See picture below.

12ml vs 6.5ml

What do all the different nail polish finishes mean?
Good question! Here's an in-depth guide to all our different finishes.

How do I remove glitter polish from my nails?
Scroll to the bottom of this guide to see our tips and tricks for removing glitter!

Do you do custom colors?
Absolutely! If you would like Pretty Jelly to create a custom color for you, please email us at info(at) Whether it is one specially customized color for yourself or a set of polishes for a party/bridesmaid gift, we are happy to work with you to your satisfaction.
How should I store my Pretty Jelly nail polish?
Always store nail polish in a cool, dry place away from direct light. If your polish separates, simply give it a good shake a few hours before using. If using right away, make sure the cap is securely closed and hold it upside down between your hands. Roll it back and forth between your hands until well-mixed. This will prevent bubbles from forming. If over time your polish thickens, you can use a nail polish thinner to return it to its original consistency.

Can I use gel top coat with your nail polish?
Yes, our nail polish should work with most top coats - regular, gel, or pseudo-gel (the type that cures in sunlight).

How long will this polish last on me?
Wear time is dependent on many different factors and will vary from person to person. These factors include how often you use your hands (typing, washing, etc) and whether you use base and top coat. Nail chemistry is another factor. Much like perfume, some formulas will work better on others, while the same formula may not yield the same results on another.